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First game in 1964 - Once a Bluenose always a Bluenose

Mark mit Birmingham-Fahne







My Blues "career":

First game was in 1964 I was only 5, went often to games in the 1960's, as I got older in the 1970's I had a season ticket and travel all round the country with the Blues, 1980's I had less time so away games got less as well.


1990's saw Blues at Wembley for the only time (lived in Germany when league was won). I also lived in Ireland, BCFC supporters club in Dublin. Been in Germany since 2000 and don't get back to Brum often, last Christmas I was there one day after a home game and back to Germany two days before the next.


Thats about all I can say apart from once a bluenose always a bluenose.